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        Ballistic UD fabric

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        Body armor

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        UHMWPE UD fabric
              Product name: UHMWPE UD fabric Width (mm): 160cm Length: can be continous Thickness (mm): 0.15 Areal density (g/m2): 130g, 160g, can be customized Relative density:  0.88 - 0.95 (Pure water=1.00) Color: White-translucent  
        Aramid UD fabric
            Raw material: Imported Aramid fiber Strength: 5 times of steel, 4 times of reinfoced nylon Modulus: 3 times of fiber-glass, 10 times of PA fiber Process: Aerospace technology to ensure uniformly spread, plied at 0°/90°, orthogonal laminating. Standard size: 160cm, can be customized Areal density: 200-250gm, can be customized High temperature resistant, fire resistant, chemical corrosion resistance. Continuous use of 1000h at 260 Celsius degree, can still maintain 65% of the original strength  
        Common body armor
        NIJ standard Level IIIA Ballistic Protection Maximum mobility and versatility Level III or IV available to protect vital organs Ensure armor with optimum fit & comfort. Protective area: chest, abdomen, side, back. Our bullet proof vest has versatile utility pouches that are compatible with tactical equipment. It is fully adjustable. Pouches of outer carrier are provided to accommodate Hard Amour plates so that jacket protects vital organs of body. Properly secure the bulletproof vests with the body of the wearer around waist, so that weight of vest is distributed on waist/shoulders. Trauma pad must be provided behind the SAPs, so that it remains to body surface to provide proper cushioning, the outer carrier is made of high tenacity, heavy duty, abrasion proof integrity fabric PU coated nylon or polyester. We are using the newest technology in combination with UHMWPE UD fabric to ensure the highest protection with optimum fit and comfort. Accessories:  NIJ standard Level IIIA Ballistic Protection Maximum mobility and versatility    
        Bulletproof & Anti-stab Vests
        Specification: Bulletproof, stab-resistant 2 in 1 Anti-UV light, resistant to most chemicals Pockets for armor inserts available as required Convinient to wear and release Colors can be customized Our bulletproof & stab-resistant vests have passed the tests of Police Special Equipment Quality Supervision Testing Centre of Public Security Ministry and National Special Protection Clothing Cnetre.
        Concealable armor vest
            Product name: Concealable vest Ergonomically contoured for fit Multi-Point Adjustable Carrier Certified to the US NIJ IIIA Suit for officer, diplomat, VIP Color: White, black, for options Our concealable bullet proof vest has been designed to follow the contours of the body and provides a comfortable, low-profile fit and excellent coverage with front, back, and side protection, it also designed to be worn hidden under clothing that is light on the naked body is designed for year-round use in all weather conditions, provide protection and stability parameters. Additional velcro straps at the shoulders and sides, flexibility and low weight enables the jacket to be worn comfortable for long periods of duty without restricting wearer manoeuvrability. The standard concealable body armor ballistic panels are interchangeable with all other series carriers of the same size, providing a variety of protection and style options. The multi-point adjustable design allows for a comfortable fit without compromising protection, eliminates the risk of exposed areas. Optimum protection certified to the US NIJ 0101.0104 level IIIA, resisting 9mm FMJ(Velocity 427m/s) by Uzi SMG and .44 Magnum (Velocity: 427m/s) standards, against ballistic attack including blunt trauma injuries. The concealable bulletproof vest is suit for government officer, diplomat, international policeman, military leader, company leader and so on. It is more suitable for engineer, technician and builder etc, who was sent to overseas or in dangerous working environment.
        Tactical body armor
          Avaialable in a variety of sizes Size: Small/Medium/Large/Extra Large/XXL/XXXL Protective coverage: 0.25sqm-0.60sqm; Weight:depend on the specified threat level and the size. Colour Options: Woodland Camo, Desert Camo, Tan, etc
        Vehicle armor plate
           1) Effective against IEDs, EFPs, land mines & grenades; 2) Stand-alone protection against AK47 MSC, NATO Ball threats; 3) Significantly lighter than conventional panels, simple assemblying; 4) Minimize the effect of center of gravity, speed and maneuverability; 5) Tidy and smooth surface, chemical resistance, UV resistance and waterproof; 6) High protection levels upto EN B7, Battlefield proven armor; Being a specialized manufacturer of ballistic material and protection armour series, we begin with body armour solutions for police & military, meanwhile, we also develop UHMWPE composited armor panel for vehicle & aircraft & architectural protection (we could provide both soft armor & hard armor solutions):  UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) is a high performance material (density: 0.96, could float in the water). Extremely strong UHMWPE fiber catch and deform a bullet, disperse its force over a larger portion.  Bullet is decelerated, fragmented and deformed by the panel; Fragments are captured.  Armour panel absorbs the impact of fired projectiles; Significant effect on ballistic performance. Bullets are imbedded within the plies of the laminate sheet unlike the high potential for ricochet with steel, aluminum or ceramic armor panels. UHMWPE panel could significantly avoid secondary injury caused by metal or ceramic fragmentaries. 1) Effective against IEDs, EFPs, land mines and grenades; 2) Stand-alone protection against AK47 MSC, NATO Ball threats; 3) Significantly lighter than conventional panels, simple assemblying; 4) Helping to minimize the effect of armor weight on a vehicle’s center of gravity, speed and maneuverability; 5) Tidy and smooth surface, flat and glossy on both top and bottom faces, chemical resistance, UV resistance and waterproof; 6) Life-saving protection under the most extreme conditions, High protection levels upto EN B7, Battlefield proven armor; Besides vehicle armour, our panel could be applicated in wall protection and marine craft armour solutions. We have anvantage of material, from spinning-yarn, uni-directional fabric, till finished armour series. We shall reinforce UHMWPE panel with high-purity ceramic tiles as STRIKE FACE to meet high defence level.  
        Bulletproof helmet
        Product name:Bulletproof helmet Defence level:NIJ IIIA,GA-II Ammunition:9mm FMJ, .44 Magnum, 7.62X25mm Tokarev Fragmentation:According to STANAG 2920 standard Shell style:US Military PASGT design Paint color:Black, Olive, UN Blue, camo, etc. Constructed of high-tenacity ballistic composited materials, manufactured strictly as per US Military PASGT design from hot compress process facilities, our helmet could provide robust protection from ballistic and fragmentation projectiles. It's ergonomical design which can adequately cover the neck and ears of the wearer and could be possible to be worn, adjusted and removed easily even with gloved hands. We offers lighter weight and higher protection levels. PASGT helmet can also be used with ultra comfortable webbing & harness styles to accommodate individual adjustment, it could provide the wearer with superior reliability and stability. Our design does not obstruct the use of binoculars (day and night), optical sights fitted on the weapon range finders and Artillery optical instructments. Consistently meets V50 according to STANAG 2920 (Fragment 1.1g); Suspension system anchored via fastener screws, stable fit and ensure air circulation; Mesh crown pad offers ideal load distribution; Adjustable chin strap with multi point support; Virtues of weather ability, UV-ray protection, abrasion resistance and excellent ballistic performance; Available in Black,Olive Drab,White,Navy Blue,UN Blue&Tan;
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        Company Address: No.122 Xinyantou, Ditang street, Yuyao city, Zhejiang province, China    Tel/Fax::0086-574-62266758    E-mail: Info@fmarmor.com
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